Poems About Christmas Angels to Fill Your Holiday with Joy

Poems about Christmas angels

One of the most beloved symbols of Christmas is the angel, who appears in the story of the Nativity and represents hope, love, and peace. To help you get into the holiday spirit, we’ve gathered heartwarming poems about Christmas angels that will fill your holiday with joy.

Poem 1: Heavenly Hosts

In the fields where sheep lay sleeping,
Came an angel’s voice a-leaping.
Good news brought from heaven above,
Of a Savior born to show us love.

With a chorus of angels singing,
Their voices joyfully ringing,
They proclaimed the Savior’s birth,
Bringing peace and love to all on earth.

Amidst the silence of the night,
A symphony of celestial light,
Angels danced in ethereal delight,
Guiding hearts toward love’s infinite flight.

Poem 2: Christmas Guardian Angels

With every step that we take,
Our guardian angels never forsake.
The love and protection they provide,
Steadfastly by our side.

At Christmas time they shine so bright,
With their wings aglow in the night.
Reminding us of the love of God,
And the blessings we have on this sod.

In the whispers of the wind, their presence felt,
A gentle touch, where fears melt.
Guardian angels, unseen but near,
Guiding us with love, dispelling every fear.

Poem 3: Angels We Have Heard on High

Angels we have heard on high,
Singing sweetly through the sky.
Gloria in excelsis Deo,
Glory to God on high we show.

Shepherds watching flocks by night,
Heard the angel’s joyful light.
Gloria in excelsis Deo,
Glory to God on high we know.

In the echoes of angelic song,
Hearts awaken, faith grows strong.
A chorus of heavenly hosts proclaim,
The love of God, forever the same.

Poem 4: Angelic Messengers

Heavenly messengers come to earth
To bring us news of a Savior’s birth
With wings of white and halos bright
They light up the world on a holy night

They tell the shepherds in the field
Of a baby boy who will be revealed
The Prince of Peace, the Light of the World
Bringing love and hope to unfurl

Poem 5: Christmas Stars

In the sky above, a star so bright
Shines down on the earth with holy light
Leading the way to the humble stall
Where the newborn King will soon enthrall

With angels singing and shepherds bowing
The Christmas story comes to life, showing
That love and hope are born anew
With every Christmas, pure and true

Notes on Christmas’s Angels Poems

These heartwarming Christmas’s Angels Poems are a beautiful way to celebrate the holiday season. Whether you’re reading them alone or sharing them with loved ones, they are sure to fill your heart with joy and peace. May the spirit of Christmas and the love of God be with you now and always.

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