Merry Christmas from Heaven Poems: Words of Love

Merry Christmas from Heaven Poems

Experience the warm embrace of Merry Christmas from Heaven Poems, Heartfelt Words of Comfort and Love. Losing a loved one is never easy, especially during the holiday season. This collection of poignant poems will help you cherish the memory of loved ones who have passed away.

Poem 1: Heavenly Glow

Amidst the twinkling lights,
And the tinsel’s silver sheen,
I close my eyes and see you,
In a peaceful, heavenly dream.

Your memory, a glowing ember,
In the darkness, a guiding light.
Though you’ve left this earthly realm,
Your love still shines, so bright.

In the quiet moments, I feel your presence,
A gentle touch, a whisper in the breeze.
Your love transcends time and space,
In this heavenly glow, my soul finds peace.

Poem 2: Angel’s Song

Amidst the carols sweetly sung,
By choirs of angels bright,
I hear your voice, so clear and true,
A soothing balm to my heart’s plight.

You sing a song of love and peace,
That echoes through the years,
And though you’re gone, your melody,
Still wipes away my tears.

In the symphony of heavenly voices,
Your song remains, a timeless grace.
In this angel’s song, I find solace,
As I feel your love’s warm embrace.

Poem 3: Heaven’s Embrace

Amidst the bustle of the season,
And the rush of holiday cheer,
I feel your arms around me,
A warm and loving sphere.

You hold me close and whisper soft,
That though you’re gone, you’re near,
And though my heart may ache with loss,
Your love will conquer fear.

In the embrace of heaven’s love,
I find strength to face each day.
Your presence, a comforting embrace,
Guides me along life’s way.

Though you’ve journeyed to realms above,
Your love remains, forever clear.
In heaven’s embrace, I feel your love,
And know you’re always near.

Poem 4: Peaceful Rest

Amidst the snowflakes softly falling
And the winter’s icy chill
I see your face, so calm and still
In a peaceful, restful thrill

You rest in God’s eternal arms
And though you’re gone, you’re here
Your love surrounds and comforts me
Through every doubt and fear

Poem 5: Eternal Love

Amidst the memories of Christmas past
And the laughter shared with glee
I feel your love, so strong and true
A bond that cannot flee

You loved me then, you love me now
And though you’re gone, you’re near
Your love endures forevermore
A timeless gift so dear

Notes on Merry Christmas from Heaven Poems

These poems are a beautiful way to honor the memory of loved ones who have passed away. They offer comfort and peace during the holiday season and remind us that love never truly dies. May they bring you solace and joy this Christmas and always.

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